Xiton Harmonic Box laser system

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Xiton Harmonic Box laser system

Frequency Conversion Module for Trumpf TruMicro Series 5000 laser. Switchable wavelength for higher flexibility and ps and fs processing.

The Xiton Harmonic Box (XHB) is an add-on frequency conversion module for the TRUMPF TruMicro 5000 series of ps- and fs-Laser systems. It is capable of converting the 1030 nm ultra short laser pulses to the green (515 nm) and the UV (343 nm).


The XHB is a single source that delivers high-quality laser beams at  three different wavelengths. For this reason, it is a cost effective solution for contract manufacturing or application labs.


The sealed add-on box is attached to the laser head. A separate 19″ unit allows to control the conversion module and to switch between wavelengths in less than a second. Control is possible via TTL signals or RS232. As additional purchasing option, a GUI application or a rugged handheld input device are available.



  • Maximum flexibility
  • Sealed housing
  • High conversion efficiency
  • Excellent beam profile
  • 24/7 continuous industrial use


TruMicro 5025
Wavelength [nm]1030515343
Output power [W]> 22> 15> 5
< 1.3< 1.3< 1.3
Output beam dia.[mm] +/- 10%555
TruMicro 5050
Wavelength [nm]1030515343
Output power [W]> 45> 30> 10
< 1.3< 1.3< 1.3
Output beam dia.[mm] +/- 10%555
TruMicro 5070
Wavelength [nm]1030515343
Output power [W]> 90> 60> 15
< 1.3< 1.3< 1.3
Output beam dia.[mm] +/- 10%555
Wavelength [nm]1030515
Output power [W]> 9.5> 4
Pulse duration [fs]< 400< 400
< 1.3< 1.3



XHB-M Datasheet

XHB-S Datasheet

XHB-T Datasheet


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