STA-01CW-CW Microchip Laser

STA-01CW-CW Microchip Laser

1064 nm and 532 nm wavelength micro lasers

The STA-01CW Microchip Laser is a highly reliable CW diode-pumped solid-state laser operating at the fundamental 1064 nm and second harmonic 532 nm wavelength. The laser head delivers 0-500 mW of stable output power in a TEM00 beam. Laser resonators does not contain moving parts; optimized laser diode (LD) beam shaping optics allows easy and reliable assembling. Standard laser system consists of a power supply unit and a laser head. Power supply unit includes LD and TEC drivers, USB interface for ease of integration and remote control. JLV-SOFT9, universal laser control software with intuitive GIU, allows detailed setting and monitoring of the laser parameters. The STA-01CW is equiped with a Remote Interlock connector located at the back panel. Each unit is supplied with a shorting device installed in the interlock connector.

Wavelength, nm1064532
Linewidth, nm<0.5
Output power, mW0-5000-300
Power stability, 8 hours +/-2 °C<5%
Warm up time, min<10
Spatial modeTEM00
M2 factor<1.2
Polarization ratio>100:1
External power supply voltage, V AC100-240
Operating temperature, °C15-40
Laser head dimensions:
Diameter, mm25
Length, mm4474


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