STA-01-YLF-Passive Q-Switched Laser

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STA-01-YLF-Passive Q-Switched Laser

1047 nm, 500 ps, peak power 1 MW, TEM00 and SLM

The Passive Q-Switched Laser STA-01-YLF is a sub-nanosecond passively Q-switched diode-pumped Nd:YLFmicrolaser. Depending on model the laser can be operated at wavelength of 1047 nm or 1053 nm. The laser delivers up to 1 mJ pulses with pulse duration as low as 350 ps and peak power exceeding 1MW in a TEM00 beam. Built-in frequency generator allows the STA-01-8-1047 to operate at repetition rates from single shot up to 500Hz, external TTL triggering is also standard option for this model. Laser output can be doubled (523nm) and tripled (349 nm) upon request. customization of STA-01-YLF series lasers is possible and welcome.

  • single longitudinal mode
  • sub-nanosecond pulses (0.5 ns)
  • TEM00 and SLM
  • high peak power (>1MW)
  • rugged and compact design
  • reliable and robust permanently-aligned laser cavity
  • external TTL triggering
  • laser controller with USB interface
  • OEM version available


  • Materials processing
  • Semiconductor inspection
  • LIBS
  • LIPS
  • Marking
  • Nonlinear optics
  • Biophotonics
  • Micromachining
  • Photoacoustic spectroscopy
Wavelength, nm10471053524527349351
Pulse energy, µJ6004001000600300200500300150100250150
Average output power (max), mW604010030030205015015102575
Pulse width (FWHM), ps500350650600500350650600500350650600
Repetition rate (max), Hz100100100500100100100500100100100500
Pulse to pulse energy stability (RMS), %<0.5
Beam profileTEM00, M2~1.25
Beam waist diameter inside the laser head 1/e2, µm55 – 450
Pulse spectral structureSLM
Spectral line width (FWHM), pm<3.5
Polarization ratio>100:1
InterfacesUSB, External trigger (TTL rising edge)1Hz…max repetition rate
External power supply voltage, V AC100-240
Operating temperature, °C22±1 1 , non-condensing
Laser head dimensions, mmØ25 x 7458 x 70 x 42.5Ø25 x 7458 x 70 x 42.5Ø25 x 7458 x 70 x 42.5
Controller dimensions, mm223 (W) x 94 (H) x 197 (L)

1 – Is specified an ambient temperature at which the laser parameters exactly meet the specifications in the table.


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