STA-01-Micro Laser Nd:LSB

STA-01-Micro Laser Nd:LSB

1064 nm wavelength micro lasers family produce short pulses at high repetition rates, and of a high peak power.

Diode Pumped Nd:Yag Solid-State Micro Laser delivers high peak powers (up to 200 kW) with sub-nanosecond pulse lengths or high repetition rates (up to 200 kHz) and are now available from Standa. This family of highly reliable, solid-state lasers consists of a power supply unit and laser head. The power supply unit includes a laser diode (LD) driver, fiber pigtailed LD, and internal pulse generator. Micro Laser pulse repetition rate can be set by Standa from single pulse to max repetition rate agreed with customer. The laser operates from external or internal trigger mode. STA-01 Micro Laser – produces pulses of fundamental wavelength.


Models *STA-01-1STA-01-2STA-01-3STA-01-4STA-01-5STA-01-6STA-01-7STA-01-8STA-01-9
Wavelength, nm1064
Average Output Power (max), mW140100120125652010020040
Pulse Energy, µJ22356.5201002000.4
Pulse Width (FWHM), ns0.<
Repetition Rate (max), kHz7050402510111100
Beam ProfileM2 ≤ 1.1
Pulse Spectral StructureSingle longitudinal mode
Polarization Ratio> 100 : 1
Beam Waist Diameter Inside the Laser Head 1/e2, µm25 – 400
Pulse Spectrum FWHM, pm< 5 (near transform limited)
Pulse to Pulse Energy Stability RMS< 0.4
Power Stability Over Six Hours< ±1.5%
External Power Supply Voltage, V AC100 – 240
Operating Temperature, °C22±1 1, non-condensing
InterfacesUSB, External Trigger (TTL rising edge) 1 Hz – max repetition rate
Laser Head Dimensions:
Diameter, mm25
Length, mm44.5
Warranty12 months or 5000 hours whichever occurs first
Laser Head CoolingRadiator: 12LGL2-25 included
Laser Controller CoolingIncluded

* Each Standa STA-01 laser is equipped with proper heatsink by default.

1 – Is specified an ambient temperature at which the laser parameters exactly meet the specifications in the table.

Specifications are subject to changes without advance notice.


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