PhoxX® Diode Laser Series

PhoxX® Diode Laser Series

PhoxX® laser diode modules for CW or modulated applications

The PhoxX® Diode Laser Series offers high-performance at a compact design. A broad variety of wavelengths and single-mode emission up to 140mW cover a wide range of applications. Easy integration into existing or future designs is assured by versatile input signal types. The USB2.0 and the RS-232 interface allow deep integration of the lasers into the applications process.



– Flow Cytometry
– Confocal Microscopy
– Optogenetics
– Printing / CtP
– Microlithography
– Reprographics
– Test and Measurement
– Machine Vision


Key Facts:

  • Small and compact design
  • 36 different wavelengths between 375nm and 1550nm
  • Single-Mode optical output powers up to 300mW
  • High-Stability CW operation
  • High-Speed digital and/or analogue modulation
  • Electronic shutter function (laser inhibit) with >300kHz full ON/OFF capability
  • Automatic Aging Compensation (AAC) function
  • 0.7mm beam diameter option
  • Flexible, customer configurable input signaling
  • Industry standard footprint
  • Drivers for Metamorph, LabVIEW and Micromanager available


Specifications PhoxX Diode Laser Series
Wavelengths & Powers (other wavelengths and powers on request)PhoxX® Series
PhoxX® 375-20375nm / 20mW
PhoxX® 375-70375nm / 70mW
PhoxX® 395395nm / 120mW
PhoxX® 405-20405nm / 20mW
PhoxX® 405-60405nm / 60mW
PhoxX® 405-120405nm / 120mW
PhoxX® 405-300405nm / 300mW
PhoxX® 415415nm / 120mW
PhoxX® 425425nm / 120mW
PhoxX® 445-50445nm / 50mW
PhoxX® 445-100445nm / 100mW
PhoxX® 457457nm / 100mW
PhoxX® 460460nm / 100mW
PhoxX® 473-20473nm / 20mW
PhoxX® 473-80473nm / 80mW
PhoxX® 473-100473nm / 100mW
PhoxX® 473-300473nm / 300mW
PhoxX® 488-25488nm / 25mW
PhoxX® 488-60488nm / 60mW
PhoxX® 488-80488nm / 80mW
PhoxX® 488-100488nm / 100mW
PhoxX® 488-150488nm / 150mW
PhoxX® 488-200488nm / 200mW
PhoxX® 505-80505nm / 80mW
PhoxX® 515-25515nm / 25mW
PhoxX® 515-50515nm / 50mW
PhoxX® 515-80515nm / 80mW
PhoxX® 515-100515nm / 100mW
PhoxX® 515-300515nm / 300mW
PhoxX® 633-100633nm / 100mW
PhoxX® 638-40638nm / 40mW
PhoxX® 638-100638nm / 100mW
PhoxX® 638-150638nm / 150mW
PhoxX® 638-200638nm / 200mW
PhoxX® 642642nm / 140mW
PhoxX® 647647nm / 140mW
PhoxX® 660660nm / 130mW
PhoxX® 685685nm / 50mW
PhoxX® 705705nm / 40mW
PhoxX® 730730nm / 40mW
PhoxX® 785-120785nm / 120mW
PhoxX® 785-200785nm / 200mW
PhoxX® 808808nm / 140mW
PhoxX® 830830nm / 140mW
PhoxX® 850850nm / 100mW
PhoxX® 945945nm / 200mW
PhoxX® 980980nm / 100mW
PhoxX® 10301030nm / 100mW
PhoxX® 10601060nm / 150mW
PhoxX® 10801080nm / 80mW
PhoxX® 13101310nm / 50mW
PhoxX® 15501550nm / 100mW
Beam diameter (other diameters on request)1.0…1.5mm (1/e²), (depends on wavelength)
0.7mm (1/e²) +/- 0.1mm with option XX.DSO
Beam quality M²<1.15    (1.05 typical)
Astigmatism (corrected)<0.2*ZR
Beam ellipticity<1.15:1
Polarisation>100:1 vertical
Long term power stability<0.5% / 8h (in CW operation mode)
< 2% / 8h (in modulation mode)
RMS Noise20Hz…10MHz <0.2% (CW)
10MHz…500MHz <0.2% (CW)
Operation ModesMode 1:CW operation
Mode 2:Analogue modulation
Mode 3:Digital modulation
Mode 4:Mixed analogue & digital modulation
Digital modulation Input signal type>180MHz
TTL (200 Ohm) / 0…1V (50Ohm) / LV-PECL / PECL / LVDS(user configurable)
Analogue modulation Input signal type>3MHz
0…1V (50Ohm)  /  0…5V (1,2kOhm) (user configurable)
Laser Enable (electronic shutter)>300kHz (full ON/OFF)
    Input signal typeTTL (2kOhm)
Rise- and falltimeDigital:              < 1.5ns
Analogue:        < 100ns
Laser Enable: < 200ns
Extinction ratioDigital:             >250 : 1
Analogue:       >1000 : 1
Laser Enable: infinite (full ON/OFF)
Supply voltage5.00 VDC   +/- 0.50 VDC
Control interfaceRS-232 and USB 2.0
Dimensions laser head100 x 40 x 40mm  (l x w x h)
Dimensions laser controller120 x 62 x 40mm  (l x w x h)
Options & AccessoriesXX.PSUworld wide power supply unit for PhoxX / LuxX series lasers
XX.DSOcollimator objective for 0.7mm (1/e²) beam diameter
XX.CDRHremote control box with key switch and emission LED for CDRH compliant operation
PHOXX.HEATSINKstandard heatsink for PhoxX Series laser heads
XX.FASYADAPFiber coupling adapter mount for LDM Series fiber coupling units and other fiber coupling systems with 1-inch grid mounting holes




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