M2Beam-Laser Beam Analysis

M2Beam-Laser Beam Analysis

Multi-axis knife edge scanning laser beam profiler extended to measurements of M²

The M² Beam provides analytical and graphical capability to measure the 2 axis M² figure of merit waist size and location of CW lasers. The M² factor is measured in accordance with the proposed ISO/CD 11 146.

Additionaly, the instrument measures the profile width, position and power of the laser beam at intersection points along the beam propagation axis.
The M² Measurement system is used with a Super BeamAlyzer™ head and a Stand Alone unit.


  • Beam Propagation (M²)
  • Beam Waist Location
  • Beam Waist Diameter
  • Divergence
  • Rayleigh Range
  • Waist Asymmetry
  • Astigmatism


Spectral Range400nm to 1100nm for Si version
800nm to 1800 nm for InGaAs version
190nm to 1100nm for UV-Enhanced version
Beam Power Range100 uW~1W(with supplied internal filters for the Si version)
100uW~5mW for InGaAs&UV versions
Number of Knife-edges7
Beam size15mm diameter with lens(Si&UV versions)
7mm without lens(Si&UV versions)
3mm dia./5mm dia.without lens(InGaAs ver)
Maximum Divergence10 mrad(no lens)
Beam Waist to lens Distance2.0 to 2.5 meters optimum
2.0 meters minimum
Weight2.5kg(without the Super BeamAnlyzer sensor head)
MountingM6 or 1/4″ screws
Mechanical adjustmentHorizontal angle:±1.5° Vertical angle:±1.5°
Cable2.5m long

Ordering Information

Attachment for BeamAnalyzer USB Measurement System:

M2Beam-Si: – attachment for silicon range (350 – 1100nm)

M2Beam-UV: – attachment for silicon range (190 – 1100nm)

M2Beam-IR: – attachment for silicon range (800 – 1800nm)


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