Our XUV / VUV spectrograph features aberration-corrected flat-field wavelength coverage from 1nm to 200nm. Wide-band spectral measurements are possible by three gratings covering 1-20nm, 5-80nm, and 40-200nm. The spectrometer can be used without entrance slit to maximize light collection for a range of source distances.

Its modular design is able to match different experimental geometries and configurations. It features an integrated slit holder and filter insertion unit, as well as a motorized grating positioning.



  • Flat-field grazing-incidence spectrograph
  • Wavelength ranges: XUV coverage from 5 to 80 nm with a single grating, optional SXR wavelength range 1 to 20 nm. VUV version coverage 40 to 200 nm
  • Large selection of geometry options
  • Flexible choice of detectors: x-ray CCD-camera or MCP/fiber taper system
  • Operating pressure <10-6 mbar Oil-free pump system for stand-alone vacuum operation optionally available
  • Customizable according to user requirements
Wavelength [nm]1-103-205-4010-6025-8040-200
Operation modeslit-lessslit-lessslit-lessslit-lessslit-lessslit-less
Source distance [m]flexibleflexibleflexibleflexibleflexibleflexible
Flat-field size [mm]3545215050100
Dispersion [nm/mm]0.2 – 0.350.3 – 0.40.5 – 0.650.7 – 1.10.9 – 1.3≈ 2.0
Resolution [nm]< 0.03< 0.035< 0.06< 0.09< 0.11< 0.15

* Other configurations (spectral range, slit operation, high-resolution, etc) available upon request.



  • Every spectrometer is customized to exactly match the desired application,e.g.
  • Interfacing to experimental chambers
  • Adaption of the source distance
  • Integration of customer-supplied detectors
  • User-defined filter mounts