ds11-o80 series laser driver

ds11-o80 series laser driver

OEM devices

  • input: 110V – 220V AC or 24V DC

The product series ds11-o80 of OEM drivers has all features of the ds-series. It is powered by an input voltage of 110-230 V AC with power factor correction. The power ranges from 150 W to 600 W. The laser diode current ranges up to 80 A and voltage up to 48 V.


As in all ds-devices an RS232 interface for controlling and monitoring is integrated. CW or pulse modes are available. An pulse generator is integrated. External digital or analog modulation is supported.


The typical rise time is 25 µs. Rise times below 5 µs are achievable. Optionally, up to 2 TEC circuits are possible.


Device NameLaserTEC1
ds11-la25v05-pa08v24-o8007-v0-48225 A5 V8 A24 V
ds11-la15v12-pa08v24-o8007-v0-48315 A12 V8 A24 V
ds11-la07v24-pa08v24-o8007-v0-4847 A24 V8 A24 V
ds11-la3.5v48-pa08v24-o8007-v0-5983.5 A48 V8 A24 V
ds11-la50v05-pa08v24-o8004-v0-48550 A5 V8 A24 V
ds11-la30v12-pa08v24-o8007-v0-48630 A12 V8 A24 V
ds11-la15v24-pa08v24-o8007-v0-48715 A24 V8 A24 V
ds11-la07v48-pa08v24-o8007-v0-4887 A48 V8 A24 V
ds11-la75v05-pa08v24-o85l42-v1-48975 A4 V8 A24 V
ds11-la45v12-pa08v24-o80l04-v1-59145 A12 V8 A24 V
ds11-la22v24-pa08v24-o80l07-v1-59222 A24 V8 A24 V
ds11-la10v48-pa08v24-o80l07-v1-59310 A48 V8 A24 V
ls11-la80v04-o80l04-v1-59480 A4 V
ls11-la60v12-o80l04-v1-59560 A12 V
ls11-la15v24-o8007-v0-82315 A24 V
ls11-la20v24-o8007-v0-83820 A24 V
ls11-la30v24-o80l07-v1-59630 A24 V
ls11-la15v48-o80l07-v1-59715 A48 V
ls11-la11v48-o8007-v0-88911 A48 V


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