ds01-o44 series laser driver

ds01-o44 series laser driver

OEM devices

  • input: 110V – 220V AC or 24V DC

The product series ds01-o44 of OEM drivers has all features of the ds-series. It is powered by an input voltage of 24 V DC. The power ranges up to 400 W. The laser diode current ranges up to 80 A and voltage up to 18 V.


As in all DS devices an RS232 interface for controlling and monitoring is integrated. CW or pulse modes are available. A pulse generator is integrated. External digital or analog modulation is supported. The typical rise time is 25 µs. Rise times below 5 µs are achievable.


Multiple TEC circuits for temperature stabilisation with peltier elements can be implemented.


Device NameLaserTEC1TEC2
ls01-la1.5v14-o4400-v1-1861.5 A14 V
ds01-la0.3v08-pa1.5v14-o4400-noise-v1-7600.3 A8 V1.5 A14 V
ds01-la1.5v20-pa04v14-o4400-v2-2891.5 A20 V4 A14 V
ds01-la04v14-pa04v14-o4400-v0-304 A14 V4 A14 V
ds01-la08v16-pa08v16-o4400-v4-478 A16 V8 A16 V
ds01-la12v14-pa08v16-o4400-v1-29412 A14 V8 A16 V
ds01-la16v08-pa08v16-o4400-v2-34716 A8 V8 A16 V
ds01-la1.5v14-pa04v14-pa04v14-o4400-v0-2581.5 A14 V4 A14 V4 A14 V
ds01-la04v14-pa04v14-pa04v14-o4400-v1-974 A14 V4 A14 V4 A14 V
ds01-la10v14-pa04v14-pa04v14-o4400-v2-3310 A14 V4 A14 V4 A14 V
ds01-la12v06-pa08v14-pa04v14-o4400-v0-74812 A6 V8 A14 V4 A14 V



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