Innovative Beam Profiler (1/1.2″) with integrated Filter Wheel

The BeamOn U3, due to its special features, is actually a total measuring station for various laser beams.

Its high resolution detector of 2.35 MegaPixels has 12 bit dynamic range and a spectral response of 350-1600 nm.

By a full set of attachments, the versatility of the device is greatly improved, allowing measurement of high and low power lasers as well as large and very small beams.

Advances in USB bandwidth provide a high refreshment rate of measured beam. For extreme power levels, a pressurized air-cooled beam sampler is easily attached to provide measurements of laser beams of a few kilowatts.


Laser TypeCW & Pulsed
Beam width resolution1 micron or better
Resolution (H x V pixels)1920 x 1200
Beam Size⌀75 μm – ⌀6 mm
Spectral Response350 – 1600 nm (VIS NIR)
Sensor Active Area (mm)11.34 x 7.13
Gain Control1 -24 dB
Dynamic Range60 dB, 12 bit
Shutter Speed39 µsec to 20 sec
Frame Rate40 fps (8 bit)
Pixel Size5.86 µm x 5.86 µm
Pixel Bit Depth12 bits
 Hardware (external trigger signal)
Exposure ControlProgrammable via GUI
Accessories-IR Edge Filter
-C-Mount Filter
Power Requirements~2 Watt (Via USB 3.0 interface)
Housing Size (L x W x H) in mm64 x 46 x 73.5
Weight (typical) 300 gr.
Min. Hardware RequirementsCPU i3 1.6 GHz, 4 GB RAM
InterfaceUSB 3.0, windows 7/8/10 (32 & 64 bit)
Mechanical InterfacePost mounting: 2 concentric opposite 8-32 UNC 6mm depth at the detector plane Optical attachments
filters: C-mount
Built-in Automatic filter wheelWith mounted filters: ND8, ND200, ND1000, one unpopulated
Saturation20 µW/mm²@633nm, 100 µW/mm²@980nm, 0.2 W/mm²@1310nm, 2 W/mm²@1550nm
SensitivityBetter than 1 nanoW/mm²@633nm, Better than 1 nanoW/mm²@980nm,
200 µW/mm²@1310nm, 2 mW/mm²@1550nm

Ordering Information

Model VIS NIR: A camera for 350 – 1700 nm with motorized built-in filter wheel, USB3.0 cable,  application software on CD/Disk on key, carrying case.

The system comes with a camera, a post, a built-in filter wheel with a set of 3xND filters (ND8, ND200, and ND1000) in housing, one built-in (removable) IR-edge filter, USB2.0 interface, software and user manual on CD disk / DiskOnKey, carrying case.

BeamOn-U3-VIS-NIR: 350-1600 nm
BeamOn-U3-UV-NIR: 190-1600 nm

Additional accessories

ND-Filters:  2mm thick ND filter in mount, select type: 8/200/1000

IR Edge Filter:  2.5 thick, passing over 1100nm.

SAM3-A:  Attachment for high power lasers attenuation (up to 20W).

SAM3-A-HP:  Attachment for high power lasers attenuation (up to 1kW)/RDC Attachment for beam reducer (ratio 2X1).