5LAOM-Large Aperture Optical Mount

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5LAOM-Large Aperture Optical Mount

360 coarse rotation and 4° fine rotation. 150 kg load! High thermal and vibration stability. Near zero Backlash

5LAOM Large Aperture Optical Mount has been designed for positioning of large optical elements up to 600mm. Commonly LAOM optical mount is extremely efficient solution in applications such as: high power laser systems and astronomy.

LAOM series optical mounts have complete 360 degree rotation in azimuth and elevation axes if transmission of both coordinates is decoupled. Special spring preloaded internal mechanisms result near zero backlash motion. Fine adjustment in ±4° range results high quality motion with sensitivity less than 1arcsec.

Age hardened aluminum alloy guarantees softness of assembly, high thermal stability and high vibration stability.

  • Rotation range in azimuth and elevation: 360°/360°
  • Fine adjustment range: ±4°/±4°
  • High positioning sensitivity: 1 arcsec
  • Maximum Acceptable thickness of optical element: 100 mm
  • Maximum Acceptable weight of optical element: 150 kg.
  • High thermal and vibration stability
  • Near zero Backlash
  • Various range of apertures can be customized on request
  • Motorized version of optical mount is available
  • Vacuum Compatible Version is available
Kinematics & Feedback
Azimuth/Elevation (coarse)360°/360°
Azimuth/Elevation (fine)±4°/±4°
Resolution3 arcsec
Sensitivity1 arcsec
AccuracyOn request
Bidirectional repeatability3 arcsec
Unidirectional repeatability3 arcsec
Load & Transmission
Horizontal load capacity150 kg
Lead Screw Pitch1 mm
Material & Environment Conditions
Base materialAluminum
FinishPowder coating
Environment pressureAtmosphere(10-3 / 10-6 Torron request)
Ambient temperatureOn request
Additional Details (5LAOM-600 only)
Measurement SystemMetric
Weight79 kg
ApertureØ590 mm
Max optic diameterØ600 mm
Min optic diameterØ500 mm
Max optic thickness100 mm


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